Because we've rebooted, we need new admins and bureaucrats. So I'm reposting the guidelines needed for the ranks:


Rollbacks are users that can:

  • can revert vandalism with a single click using the rollback button (without the detours of the undo button)

If you wish to become one of these, you should:

  • Have contributed to the wiki for at least a week, this shows that you're here to stay
  • Cleaned up 2 vandalous edits (although right now this isn't as applicable)
  • You have to ask a bureaucrat, otherwise we wouldn't know!

Once you are experienced in the art of rollbacking (or you make really good edits), you might consider an admin post...

Administrators (Sysops)

Administrators, also known as sysops, can do everything a rollback can, and:

  • can delete pages if need be
  • can lock a page (if, for example, there is a repeatedly vandalized page an admin can protect it so only registered users can edit it)
  • can block a user
  • can chane the color and background wiki for the public to see

If you want to be an admin, you must:

  • Have contributed to the wiki for at least 2 weeks (to show that you are a real member of the wiki)
  • Have created at least 5 pages
  • Made at least 100 constructive edits
  • A rollback post is optional, but recommended
  • Again, ask a bureaucrat first

Administrators will manage the wiki and will often be discussing possible changes. Next, if you become a respected member and create invaluable contributions to the wiki, we might consider a bureaucrat post for you....


Bureaucrats are the veritable Supreme Court of the wiki. They can do everything an admin can, and:

  • make other users rollbacks, admins, or bureaucrats

This makes them very valuable users! And it makes them a hard post to achieve, to become one you must:

  • Have contributed to the wiki for a month
  • Have created a minimum of 10 pages
  • Have made at least 200 edits
  • Oh yeah, and you gotta ask another bureaucrat too.

In addition, the bureaucrats will usually discuss major changes and upheavals to the wiki.

This gets the few users that we have right now (looking at you, Toothless and Ping) to contribute. So start some editing and earn those ranks! :)

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