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What's happening today?[]

It's my second day off school (cause of the snow and ice) in a row, and I am really BORED cause no-one's on Wikia and I can't GO anywhere cause of the snow. So I made an article on a prehistoric piranha.

About me[]

My favourite picture on the wiki!

I like prehistoric life and especially dinosaurs. My favourite dinosaur is T-rex, but I am trying to let someone else to create the page. For some reason, I don't know why, the Lepidodendron is my favourite prehistoric tree. Gotta dash now, cause I'm trying to do as much as I can before Styracosaurus Rider notices!

I am now focused-ish, and I've made Protosilvinia, cause we need some plant articles for when I change FA's!

A lot of my edits are on templates - see Template:Rollback, Template:Administrator, Template:Bureaucrat, Template:Founder, Template:Infobox animal, Template:Infobox plant, Template:Infobox extinction, Template:Infobox pterosaur, Template:FA and Template:Incompleteinfobox.

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