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Arthropleura reconstruction
Vital statistics
Scientific Name Arthropleura armata
Length 3 metres
Height 2 metres when rearing up
Weight estimated 50kg
Diet Plant matter and small animals
Lived 300 million years ago
Range Worldwide

Arthropleura was a giant species of milliipede, that lived during the Carboniferous Period, around 300 million years ago.


Arthropleura reached up to three metres long, a monster size for a millipede. Oxygen levels were higher then, and that is why Arthropleura and other insects could grow so big.

There have never been any complete fossils of Arthropleura found, just fragments and trackways, which show that the creature was enormous.[1]

Popular Culture[]

Arthropleura as depicted in Primeval

Arthropleura in Walking with Monsters

Arthropleura appeared in the fifth episode of Prehistoric Park, when Nigel Marven travelled to the Carboniferous. The Arthropleura was the last creature he brought back in that episode, and he only just saved it from a forest fire.

Arthropleura reappeared in the second episode of Primeval. One came through the anomaly, along with lots of Giant Spiders, and it poisoned Stephen Hart. The producers of Primeval increased the length to six metres.


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